Who are we?

DATYS, a high-tech company specialized in software applications development, offers its own solutions to complex technological problems. It is part of an integration platform with universities and research centers, which ensures the whole research + development + marketing cycle, which adds an undeniable value to the solutions proposed.


Founded in 2005, its main business lines are developed into business lines in the field of Identity, Biometrics, Security Technology, Management and Data Mining.

It is one of the leading companies of the IT sector at Cuban market and has a significant presence in the Latin American market. DATYS transmits confidence and security to their customers and stays close to them in order to grow, evolve and build the future.

Integration, harmonious coordination and teamwork of DATYS's employees allow the creation and innovation of new and better products. Human capital is the most important asset to the company. It creates opportunities for permanent access to knowledge, technological developments and best practices; ensures professional development and sense of belonging of its employees who work in facilities with a trust and security environment.

With more than 700 highly qualified and committed employees, the company assumes the challenges of technological development with ethics and professionalism. Led by a cohesive management team with experience in the development and commercialization of technology solutions, DATYS meets the requirements of its different customers.

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Where are we?

DATYS has 6 facilities in Havana and in the provinces of Matanzas, Villa Clara, Holguin and Santiago de Cuba. If you visit the facilities you will find characteristics such as responsibility, youth, joy, devotion to work which are the hallmark of the company.

Headquarter Offices
Building 5th and 22
Building 1st and 4
Villa Clara
Santiago de Cuba
House 3rd y 24
House 3rd and 36A

... in view of complex problems, our own solutions







Business lines

DATYS, as a solutions team, strengthens from the continuous improvement of each of its business lines. Independently, they are unique technological scenarios to optimize and safeguard multiple resources. Our business lines are distinguished by its heterogeneity in content and needs to be met. They meet international standards and are designed following the security, integration, sustainability and technological independence principles. Identity, biometrics, comprehensive technical security systems, management, data mining and custom development business lines are at the reach of all and can be customized according to customer demands.
DATYS works on distinctive business lines in the world and leading projects at different platforms, which distinguishes our company both at technological and professional level.


 It is oriented to the branches of Pattern Recognition, Data Mining, and other advanced technologies, aiming to the solution, in the short, medium, and long terms, of problems in the areas of interest. It allows the continuous strengthening of the R+D+I activity for the production of our own solutions capable of increasing our technological sovereignty.

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